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Exploded View is a collaboration between CLUE+ (the Interfaculty Institute for Research of the Heritage and History of the Cultural Landscape and Urban Environment of the Stichting VU University Amsterdam), Stichting In Principio, Amsterdam, and Zone2Source, platform for art, nature and technology in Amsterdam.

Project management:
- Prof. dr. Gert-Jan Burgers (VU-Chair in Mediterranean archaeology and heritage/director CLUE+, scientific advisor both parks)
- Dr. Krien Clevis (affiliated researcher CLUE+/VU, and artist/curator of the Appian Park, Rome)
- Alice Smits (director of Zone2Source/curator of the Amstelpark, Amsterdam)
- Prof. dr. Hans Renes (VU-Historical Geographer/Chair in Heritage Studies, scientific advisor Amstelpark)

Project assistants:
- Daniela De Paulis (artist/researcher/co-curator logistics of the Appian Park, Rome)
- Eline Kersten (artist/curator/project assistant Amstelpark, Amsterdam)

- Dr. Barbara Alves Neves (artist/designer/researcher, responsible for the identity of the website)
- Bert Brouwenstijn (graphic designer of CLUE+/VU)
- Maarten Davidse (advisor website)