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Video still 'Destination Highway Afsluitdam’ - Satellietgroep, 2017.

Refugium - A climate landscape as a living archive
Or: The Trumanshow?

How can we experience time? Or better said: how can we experience the time-depth of a landscape? Can we not only explore the landscape horizontally, but also vertically? Is the experience of the current 'Anthropocene' or the Age of Mankind based on doom scenarios or do we, people, also create future opportunities? What does a cultural or natural landscape mean and to what extent does humanity stand above or next to or in the middle of nature if the landscape is a park? Who feels emotional ownership of this park? Does a park have a future besides a past?

These and other questions shape our park research, while being led by curiosity about the opportunities that climate variations can offer us in the context of the phenomenon of a park.
Artists collective Satellietgroep (The Hague, 2006) has been focusing on artistic research on the sea, (coastal) landscapes, the influence of mankind on the living, once living and non-living environments and the changing relationship between culture and nature, in the Netherlands and abroad for over 12 years. Research areas in the Netherlands include coastal areas (Scheveningen, Zandmotor), polders, Wadden and the Afsluitdijk. In 2018, Satellietgroep posed the question “Who is nature?” With the exhibition program ‘Climate as Artifact – Klimaat als mensenwerk’ Satellietgroep positioned dialogue about climate and the influence of mankind as a geological force in the cultural domain.