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Corrado Rinosoli

Cercando Dio

Via Appia Park

Cercando Dio

"CERCANDO DIO", is the title of the research project that will be based not on a book or written documents, but on an experiential formula that will feed on possible meetings or missed meetings, reiterations and coincidences. I will spend most of my time on the road. The road, even where it is not provided with sidewalks, will find in me a presence that in the continuity of my walk as a pedestrian, will become a sign.

I will refer to what happens to me, accepting any randomness to be presented, with the undefined purpose of constituting myself as an anomalous sign along the way in the perspective of those who travel the road by car, on the bus and still on foot. Robert Walser is one of the authors of literary reference, for my centrality of the experience as something typical of "animals", with specific reference to the humans who walk.

The objective is to propose a concept that does not become mired in science but that finds its experience in metaphysics while preserving that which has always nourished the conventional approach to art: the nurturing of "chance" and the "unexpected". The method is inspired by concepts that are often overlooked or misunderstood in art today as mere acceptance. Meanwhile, I focus on a specific theme: the connection with the natural, metropolitan or interior landscape. It’s a subject from time to time brought back to the present because it is always personally reworked by creativity, through its style that coincides with the fragmentary tracking of narrative modules, minimalistic and open.

The favorite medium is in fact an attitude, a mind-set, 'site specific' or 'context specific' that motivates a need which comes to light thanks to the urgent need of our time to reconcile one's self in the direction of a genuine and sincere contact with the places and their cultural sediments that permeate natural evolutions (adaptations).
Corrado Rinosoli or Sylos (pseudonym) (Terme, 1960) lives between Rome and Termoli. He is guided by reflection on today's society and what nourishes the body, both physically and spiritually. He is a hybrid artist devoted mainly to formal research on the installation-composition in all its forms, also embracing fields such as picto-sculpture, electro-acoustic noise art and, moreover, he is active as a performer and set designer. He often presents site-specific installations that are the result of a long construction that sees Nature as a protagonist bemused and painfully tamed by human activity. His works have been exhibited in museums and international events, such as Tripi Prize in Venice, Palazzo Convention in Spilimbergo, House of Scicli, Temple University Gallery in Rome, MACRO in Rome. He represented for many years the city of Catanzaro at the Biennale del Mediterraneo, Marseille.